Isn't it amazing? Even though his entire Presidency--the entire security of our nation--is at risk from the fallout over President Bush's last political smear campaign, that does not seem to matter. He's at it again. This time, President Bush has...

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Jeffrey Feldman, Editor-in-Chief
Frameshop, 07/19/2005

Isn't it amazing?  Even though his entire Presidency--the entire security of our nation--is at risk from the fallout over President Bush's last political smear campaign, that does not seem to matter. 

He's at it again.

This time, President Bush has launched a smear campaign to convince the country that their homes will be destroyed by foreigner-loving America-hating liberals.

That's right:  Liberals will destroy your house.  I don't mean that they are going to make it an uncomfortable place to live.  I mean that Liberals will literally destroy your house. Your house will be knocked down, bulldozed,  if we don't stop those pesky, traitor liberals on the Supreme Court.

The President's latest smear campaign was launched by a White House front organization called the Judicial Confirmation Network. Even the name is part of the smear campaign (liberals obstruct, remember?)

The first round of the President's smear campaign is a series of ads called "America Deserves Better."

One of these new ads explains in a somber voice that Liberal judges on the Supreme Court have made rulings that will result in your house being knocked down to build shopping malls (you can watch it here). "Your own home, where you raise your kids, where you celebrate holidays"--BAM!!! Liberals will knock it down, maybe even kill your family members in their sleep.  The second ad explains that Liberal judges abandoning the Constitution in favor of "foreign" laws.  Here is the text to the second ad:

"We the People of the United States. . ."

More than 200 years ago, we liberated ourselves from European monarchy and won our freedom.

Freedom to govern ourselves -- under our own Constitution.

Today, our Constitution is still sacred to us.

But liberals on our Supreme Court are deciding some cases based on international and foreign law, instead of the American Constitution.

Justice Antonin Scalia has opposed such rulings, saying: "Acknowledgement of foreign approval has no place in the legal opinion of this Court...."

But it's no surprise. Our rights have been steadily chipped away for years.

President Bush has promised to appoint Supreme Court Justices who will respect our rights and be faithful to OUR Constitution.

Because America deserves better.

(go here to read the JCN press release)

Both ads feature the "our rights have been steadily chipped away" logic and great big color pictures of George W. Bush.  They are disgusting smear campaigns made to order for a President determined to destroy his political enemies even as his White House his on fire from the fallout of his last smear campaign.

While President Bush has told America that he has finally chosen a judicial nominee,  the truth is very different.  President Bush is ready to announce his judges because the JCN smear campaign was launched one week ago.  One week is the amount of time the White House always takes to allow their smear  campaigns to take root.  Once the smear campaign has been out there for a week, then the President speaks.  It's always that way.

Remember the Switfboat Veterans group that branded John Kerry as a traitor in the 2004 campaign?   Well, it turns out that the JCN used the same consultants to put together their "America Deserves Better" ads. 

Will American let President Bush do  to the Supreme Court what he did to John Kerry?  Will American really stand by why the President brands Supreme Court justices as traitors? 

I doubt it.  But that won't stop the President. 

He's at it again.

© 2005 Jeffrey Feldman

© Jeffrey Feldman 2005, Frameshop

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