In their effort to control the Leakgate scandal before it brings down the Bush Presidency, the GOP has given up on the battle of "what" or "how" Leakgate happened, and is now digging in to fight the battle of "why"...

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Jeffrey Feldman, Editor-in-Chief
Frameshop, 07/14/2005

In their effort to control the Leakgate scandal before it brings down the Bush Presidency, the GOP has given up on the battle of "what" or "how" Leakgate happened, and is now digging in to fight the battle of "why" Leakgate happened. 

As for the Democrats:  They did a great job in the "what" and "how" battles.  America now knows that information kept secret to protect the American people was leaked to the press by President Bush's advisers as part of a plot to destroy an outspoken opponent to the invasion of Iraq.   National security violated for political revenge. 

Now the Democrats need to regroup and win the battle of "why."  So far, all the hoopla surrounding Karl Rove has been enough to tangle up the White House.  But that will not last forever, and the Democrats need to start getting telling the country their version of "Why Leakgate?"

The GOP Answer to "Why Leakgate?"

The answer the GOP is floating happened yesterday in unified assault from the GOP Chair, Fox News and the Wall Street Journal:  Karl Rove leaked secrets to protect the American people.

What the....?!?

Stay with me, here.  That is the big picture logic.  According to Republican Leakgate statements, yesterday, the reason Karl Rove did what he did was not "revenge" or "politics," but to protect the American people from Joe Wilson, who, according to this GOP line of reasoning, was lying about what he found and saw in the Middle East to bring down President Bush.  So, given the threat that Joe Wilson posed to the safety of the American people, Karl Rove acted to protect the President from partisan lies and, ultimately, to protect the American people from being led off the path of eliminating enemy #1--Saddam Hussein. 

Bottom Line:  GOP Answer to "Why Leakgate?" is To protect the American people.

The Democratic Party Answer to "Why Leakgate?"

So far, there is no unified answer from the Democrats.  Instead, unity in debate from the Democrats seems to be focusing on the consequences.  We know what happened and how, now we want to talk about what should happen next:  Karl Rove  should be fired.

The problem is not that Democrats should avoid calling for President Bush to fire Rove.  They should probably keep up this pressure in some form.  But Bush is not going to fire Rove.  Never, never, never.  So, while leading Democrats like Kennedy and Dean are calling for Rove's head on a plate, a team of progressives should step off to one side and start generating a big picture answer to the question "Why Leakgate?"

Why did these leaks happen in the Bush White House at all?   For political revenge? Sure, that's part of it.  But there is a much larger, much simpler story that ties everything together and that will help the American public to better see what kind of President they have in George W. Bush.

Bottom line:  Leakgate happened to guarantee the re-election of the President. 

It's Nixon all over again.

The Leakgate Scandal is About the Re-Election of the President

To truly grasp the scale and significance of Leakgate, it is important to go back over a few other "why" questions.

  1. Why does Karl Rove work for George W. Bush?  To get him elected and re-elected.
  2. Why did George W. Bush want to invade Iraq?  To better his foreign policy credentials for re-election.
  3. Why has Karl Rove lied in the past?  To destroy those who challenge the election of George W. Bush.
  4. Why did George W. Bush talk about WMDs in his State of the Union Address?  To launch a war that would improve his re-election prospects.
  5. Why did Iraq pose a threat to George W. Bush after the US invasion?  It threatened his re-election chances.
  6. Why was Joe Wilson such a problem? Because he threatened Bush's re-election prospects by revealing that the war in Iraq was about pure politics, not national security.
  7. Why was Valerie Plame's name leaked to the press? To destroy a threat to the re-election of George W. Bush.
  8. Why did the White House stonewall on questions about Rove? To give the people involved  in the effort to re-elect the President time to distance themselves from Bush and Rove.
  9. Why has Dick Cheney been so silent?  Likely because VP Cheney gave the order to reveal top secret information to eliminate Joe Wilson as a threat to the re-election of George W. Bush.
  10. Why did Ari Fleischer, the President's star Press Secretary, suddenly resign from his position?  Because Ari Fleischer was likely the first person to come  closest committing the crime of revealing top secret information.
  11. Why were President Bush's advisers willing to break the law? Because they believed that the future of America depended on the re-election of George W. Bush and the total decimation of the Democratic Party.

Now, a few words of caution.

To say that Leakgate happened in order to re-elect the President may seem like a conspiracy theory.  Who knows, it may even be a conspiracy theory.  But the purpose of posing and answering a set of larger "why" questions is to cast a very wide net around a whole set of issues that are currently being controlled by the White House.

For example, think about this question:  Why are we fighting a war in Iraq?  The White House will tell you that we are fighting "over there" to prevent the "war on terror" from being fought in the streets of America.  It's a nice answer, but it's completely false. 

Here is the real answer:  Why are we fighting a war in Iraq? Because George W. Bush's political team decided--long before he was elected to his first term--that the best way to get him re-elected was to fight a "little war" that could be easily won, thereby increasing the President's foreign policy credentials.  Iraq was supposed to be easy, was supposed to transform a mumble-mouthed, ex coke junky, AWOL son of an former President who was elected on a technicality--into a Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.

We are in Iraq because the President wanted to get re-elected. 

Leakgate is all about the effortto use the war in Iraq to re-elect George W. Bush.  When Democrats are finally able to frame that war for what it really is (a plot to re-elect the President), then they will be one step closer to really taking control of the Leakgate scandal.  And the country will be one step closer to ending the war in Iraq.

© 2005 Jeffrey Feldman

© Jeffrey Feldman 2005, Frameshop

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