BLOOD ON THE GROUND: A new AP article describes Iraq using a powerful "blood" frame.Heading ino the weekend, a new story by AP writer Steven Hurst has begun to push a powerful "blood" frame for Iraq into the mainstream press....

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Jeffrey Feldman, Editor-in-Chief
Frameshop, 11/03/2006

BLOOD ON THE GROUND: A new AP article describes Iraq using a powerful "blood" frame.

Heading ino the weekend, a new story by AP writer Steven Hurst has begun to push a powerful "blood" frame for Iraq into the mainstream press.

As Republicans repeat "taxes, taxes, John Kerry, taxes, taxes, terrorism" in an attempt to distract the publc, Democrats working on campaigns may want to email this Hurst article to their lists and print out copies to keep by the phone banks.  

"BLOODY" is a heartbreaking, but increadibly powerful frame of the one issue most important to American voters.

Hurst's descriptions of the violence in Iraq are powerful enough to clear the clouds of misdirection from Republicans:


By STEVEN R. HURST Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- A blood-drenched October has passed into a violent early November as a motorcycle rigged with explosives ripped through a crowded Shiite market in Sadr City on Thursday and suspected Sunni insurgent gunmen killed a Shiite dean of Baghdad University.

(full article)

A few key sections of the article include this description of bloody death statistics:

The attacks showed no signs of abating after at least 1,272 Iraqis were killed in the first full month of autumn and the 43rd month of the U.S. bid to quell violence and build democracy in Iraq, according to an Associated Press count. The figure is a minimum since many deaths go unreported, but the total is higher than any other month since the AP began keeping track in May 2005.

AP statistics also showed nearly twice as many Iraqi security forces died last month as U.S. forces _ 194 versus 106. The Interior Ministry said at least 119 Iraqi policemen were killed.

With shootings, bombings and abductions tearing apart Iraq three years after the U.S.-led invasion, the war in Iraq is the top issue for voters before next week's U.S. congressional elections.

The Iraqi president, visiting Paris, said Thursday all American forces could be gone from Iraq within three years.

Deaths are at an all time high in Iraq right now.  An all time high.  And if the Iraqi president is telling the French that U.S. troops will be in Iraq for another three years, that means more deaths.  Using the statistics from the article, three more years would bring an additional 6,984 American deaths and an additional 45,792 Iraqi deaths.


But by far the bloodiest description in the Hurst piece is in this section about a bombing in a market place involving a motorcycle:

At least 49 people were killed or found dead throughout Iraq on Thursday, including the seven killed when the motorcycle blew up in a crowded market in Baghdad's Sadr City district. At least 45 people were wounded in that attack, many of them seriously, police said.

It was the first bombing in Sadr City since Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki ordered the lifting Tuesday of the week-old U.S.-Iraqi army security blockade on the sprawling Shiite slum of 2.5 million people.

Police Lt. Thaer Mahmoud said the explosives went off at 4 p.m., usually the busiest time at Mereidi market, one of the neighborhood's most popular commercial centers.

The rigged motorcycle was left in a section of the market that specialized in the sales of secondhand motorbikes and spare parts. Videotape by Associated Press Television News in the aftermath of the bombing showed the mangled skeletons of scores of motorbikes and large pools of blood on the ground.

Gheith Jassim al-Saadi, a 36-year-old laborer, arrived at the scene shortly after the blast. He had planned to go to the market earlier to have two friends repair his motorbike.

"Motorcycles were scattered everywhere, blood was on the ground and crowds of people were looking for their relatives in panic," he said. "I do not know what happened to my two friends."

This article kept me awake, last night.  It is absolutely devastating what is happening in Iraq.  

The Hurst article is the strongest I have read in a long, long time and circulating it this weekend could really help cut through deafening noise of the RNC media bile.

This is the weekend to remember why so many of us are so dedicated to taking back the Congress:  because there's too much blood on the ground.

© 2006 Jeffrey Feldman, Frameshop

© Jeffrey Feldman 2006, Frameshop

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