FRAMESHOP LOCAL | TRACKING POLITICAL DEBATE AS IT HAPPENS Tired of political PR firms controlling the media? Noticed a word or phrase in your local news that sounds like a political talking point? Want to play a part in taking...

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Jeffrey Feldman, Editor-in-Chief
Frameshop, 04/04/2005



  • Tired of political PR firms controlling the media?
  • Noticed a word or phrase in your local news that sounds like a political talking point?
  • Want to play a part in taking back political debate, but don't know where to start?

"Frameshop Local" is open.

User Driven, Locally Grounded
The real key to controlling political debate is the ability to monitor the media--everywhere, all the time, no exceptions. In today's global media market, PR strategists rarely drop a story in the mainstream press. Instead, they feed it to a reporter in a small local newspaper, who writes a story that then gets picked up by the AP wire, which in turn feeds the story into the mainstream press.

Big stories move like storm fronts across the country, some starting on the West Coast, some on the East Coast, some in the Midwest. Any good weatherman will agree: the best radar system in the world is no substitute to "eyes on the ground."

The purpose of FRAMESHOP LOCAL is to create that system of "eyes on the ground," towards the goal of tracking storms in political debate before they become dangerous.

Everybody gets their news locally, mostly through some combination of print, broadcast and internet media. But despite how connected we have all become in the global media market, knowing what the buzzwords are two states over has been almost impossible. The local perspective on the media gets lost in the global media pattern.

All that ends right here, right now.

FRAMESHOP LOCAL provides an individual blog thread for each of the 50 states (plus DC), a bulletin board and alert center where people all over the country can report what is happening in their local news.

FRAMESHOP LOCAL is entirely user drive. While each of the threads will be monitored by a Frameshop site manager, each thread belongs to the users.

FRAMESHOP LOCAL is a new form of media monitoring and political strategy. The more people participate, the more we will be able to control--rather than being controlled by--the media.

Welcome everybody! FRAMESHOP LOCAL is open for business.

Keywords, Talking Points, Anything Suspicious

Becoming an active participant in FRAMESHOP LOCAL is as easy as posting a comment on a blog. To get to your FRAMESHOP LOCAL, simply click on the name of your state as listed in the right hand side of the Framshop main page.

Once you are on your page, you will find an open comment thread. Simply scroll down to the page until you reach the comment form and you are ready to go.

No need to register. Just post a comment and you're off and running.

For example, let's say you are in Detroit and you spot a story in the Detroit FreePress that uses the phrase "ownership society" a few too many times. Quickly head over to the FRAMESHOP LOCAL Michigan page and post what you found. Post a quick note or write a few paragraphs--the choice is yours.

Or let's say are watching the local news on TV, and a story comes on about Iraq that uses the word "freedom" thirty five times in three minutes. Post it on FRAMESHOP LOCAL.

It's that easy.

Keep Checking for Feedback and Updates
As key points or alerts emerge in the state threads, the Frameshop site manager will bring them up to the top posting. So...before you read your morning newspaper: check your state's FRAMESHOP LOCAL thread to see if other users have listed any warnings or alerts. With just two or three users posting regularly to your state's thread, you will start to feel one step ahead of the local news. With twenty users posting regularly, your state's FRAMESHOP LOCAL page will become a media watchdog community. With one hundred users posting and responding to each other regularly, your state's FRAMESHOP LOCAL will become a national resource that can help political strategists and organizers all over the country.

What could be easier!

Stop Reading the News by Yourself!
The key to the power of FRAMESHOP LOCAL is that each page is USER DRIVEN, but the experts at Frameshop are always right there with you. As users get into the habit of posting what they find in their local papers, or what they see on the local news broadcast, the manipulative spin of the news will become more and more transparent. Each FRAMESHOP LOCAL page will give rise to its own community of Frameshop experts.

And that is the goal.

So...stop reading the paper by yourself! Start connecting with other people in your state, your community, your town. Take back the debate.

FRAMESHOP LOCAL: It's easy, it's free, and it will change how you read the news.

Start posting, today!!

© Jeffrey Feldman 2005, Frameshop

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