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28 posts from July 2005

July 17, 2005

Frameshop: The Nuclear War Pitch

At some point in 2002, President Bush planned and launched a massive PR campaign to convince the country that a nuclear attack by Iraq on America was inevitable.

It is in this context that Americans must view the current scandal unfolding in the White House, the so-called "Leakgate" or "Rovegate." The scandal is about much more than whether or not Karl Rove technically broke the law, or which law he broke and when. The scandal is about whether or not the President of the United States convinced the public that the threat of nuclear attack from Iraq was imminent, all the while knowing that there was no such threat at all.

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July 15, 2005

Frameshop: Big Picture - Iraq War Was To Re-Elect Bush

As we head into the weekend, Republicans and Democrats have placed big bets on the frames they think will control the White House scandal for the next 48 hours.  Here is where things stand, followed by some recommendations.

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Frameshop: Roll the Tapes, Please

Just as silence from the White House played a key role in the Watergate scandal, silence from the White House is playing a key role in the "Leakgate" scandal now threatening the Bush Presidency. Just as President Nixon refused to talk about the Watergate scandal, President Bush is refusing to talk about the current scandal. 

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July 14, 2005

Frameshop: GOP Caught in "Leak" Frame

With so much written about Democrats being caught in GOP frames, it sure is nice for a change to see a Republican thrashing around inside a Democratic frame.

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Frameshop: Bush Leaks, Nixon Creeps

How much is the current Leakgate scandal the product of the same Nixon Republicans that foisted Watergate on the American people?   The links are pretty creepy. 

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Frameshop: Bush Advisor Broke Law for Nixon, Too

Quick question:  What would Americans do if they learned that a top adviser to President Bush--the guy at the center of the Leakgate scandal--also worked in the 1972 "Watergate" campaign to re-elect President Nixon? 

What would happen, for example, if a paper like USA Today ran a headline, tomorrow that said: 


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Frameshop: Nixon All Over Again

In their effort to control the Leakgate scandal before it brings down the Bush Presidency, the GOP has given up on the battle of "what" or "how" Leakgate happened, and is now digging in to fight the battle of "why" Leakgate happened. 

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July 13, 2005

Frameshop: Water, Not Fire

Should Democrats talk about "fire" or "water" when addressing the current White House scandal?

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Frameshop: The "Leakgate" Frame

After several days since the big story broke about crimes committed--or not--by President Bush's senior staff, where does the debate stand?   What big ideas are rising to the top of the pile and what ides are sinking fast?

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Frameshop: The Invisible Man

Americans may be baffled at the secrecy that shrouds the Bush White House, but one thing has always been crystal clear:  Whenever President Bush senses danger, Vice President Dick Cheney suddenly goes into hiding.

Has anyone seen the Vice President, lately?   

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