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August 31, 2006

Frameshop: Bush's Saddam Hussein Sandwich

In his last televised press conference, when asked what Iraq had to do with the attacks of 9/11, President Bush responded:  Nothing.   One week later, President Bush is back to his old ways: pimping the war in Iraq by linking Saddam Hussein to 9/11.

But notice the President's rhetorical tactic:   Bush makes a Saddam Hussein sandwich.  Rather than actually saying the sentence:  Iraq attacked us on 9/11, President Bush puts a big stack of Saddam Hussein between two pieces of terrorism and 9/11. 

If we read over a passage from President Bush's recent remarks in Tennessee, we can see exactly how Bush builds the Saddam Hussein sandwich.

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August 30, 2006

Frameshop: Rummy Launches New Campaign

RummyThis week, Don Rumsfeld accused Americans of appeasing fascists in the Middle East--in the same way that the Europeans appeased Hitler in the 1930s.   It was classic Rummy on the campaign stump:  Criticize our policy?   Atomic bombs will fall on your head...er...you are encouraging the terrorists...er...appeasing Hitler...er...tell us we're wrong and you will all die, Die, DIE!!

Then, as is usual practice for the Bush Administration,  after accusing the American public of endangering the nation--Rumsfeld's aides immediately denied that he said anything of the sort.  In response, Democratic leader Harry Reid issued a statement calling Rumsfeld's comments reckless, and others followed suit.

But how should Progressives reframe this?  They can change the frame from 'Nazis' to Republican fear of being held accountable for what they have done.  But the word 'accountable' and 'accountability' or so unwieldy, so technocratic.  It is much better to respond to Rumsfeld's outlandish Nazi comments by saying something along these lines:

  • Rumsfeld is campaigning again
  • Rumsfeld is afraid Democrats are about to regain control of Congress
  • Rumseld is worried he will soon have to answer for what he has done
  • Nothing scares Rumsfeld more that the fear of facing the American people
  • Facing the prospect of answering to the American people, Rumsfeld will accuse us of more and more outlandish crimes
  • Rumsfeld is lashing out like a cornered thief
  • The more he senses he might have to answer for his crimes, the more he will accuse his accusers

Rumsfeld's campaign against Americans is a sign that he is looking up the road and sees himself sitting at a table in front of a Congressional committee chaired by Democrats.  And the more he senses that reality about to drop on him, the more he will up the ante in the PR war to cast Americans as treasonous turncoats.

And Progressives should keep turning up the heat.

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August 29, 2006

Frameshop: Spin And Nothingness


This week the President told America that he had learned the lessons of Hurricane Katrina. 

"I take full responsibility... I made a pledge...learn the lessons...do what it takes..."

The blur of Bush's words wash over us like waves. A President, made unpopular by his own arrogant and failing war abroad, trying too late to salvage a fiasco of his own doing at home.  A half-hearted effort that failed last year and is failing again this year.

The 'lesson' America has learned from Katrina--and we are all much smarter for it--is different than the lesson President Bush claims to have learned.  The lesson we learned this week is that President Bush learns nothing.


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August 28, 2006

Frameshop: Links We Like - Slowpoke Comics


Finding new political cartoonists is a great way to start the week, and today is no exception.

Meet Slowpoke Comics a fantastic, politically engaged strip by rising start in the cartoon world Jen Sorensen.

My favorite quote about Slowpoke Comics is from famed cartoonist, Ted Rall: "Sorensen is brilliant, scathing, hilarious, cruel, everything good about cartooning."

I think Ted Rall knows what he's talking about when it comes to cartoons.

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August 27, 2006

Frameshop: Katrina And The Racist Republican

The rise of the racist Republican has been one of the more alarming trends to be inspired by President Bush's term in office.  After Hurricane Katrina destroyed a great American city, most Americans cried, rallied support, extended our hands, and opened our doors.

Meanwhile, the racist Republican crossed his arms and spit.

***WARNING - This post contains disturbing images and language.

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August 25, 2006

Frameshop: Allen At It Again, Winks At White Folks

Adding insult to injury in the 'macaca' affair, video cameras trained on George Allen's latest apologies have captured yet another disturbing scene: Senator Allen winking at a room full of white folks before apologizing for his racism.

The video in question was published in a Washington Post article by by Michael D. Shear and Tim Craig ("Allen Calls Webb Aide, Apologizes For Remark" 24AUG06).

Just after the 1 minute mark in the video, Senator Allen responds to a question from the audience by saying "I want to be very careful about the words I use," then winks and smiles at the all white, elderly crowd in Springfield, VA. In response to Allen's wink and smile, the crowd erupted into laughter. In the next scene of the video, Allen apologies for the 'macaca' incident saying, "From the deepest part of my heart, I am sorry and I will do better."

Wink, smile, and laugh. Then apologize.

After watching the Washington Post video, I am convinced that Senator Allen's heart is in that wink to the white folks, not in the apology.

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August 23, 2006

Frameshop: 'Used Car' Healthcare

Yesterday in Minneapolis, President Bush talked about what he called 'healthcare transparency,' an example of Orwellian doublespeak if ever there was one.

This is the main point that President Bush raised:

bushI don't know how many of you all have ever said, gosh, I wonder how much this procedure is going to cost me, or before I go to see this person, I want to know how much it costs, or maybe I need to know what this hospital charges. I doubt many of you have done that. I think the new trend in medicine is going to be to encourage transparency in pricing, as well as transparency in quality. And that's the subject of today's discussion. How do we encourage consumerism. What do you do? Well, one thing you do is you make sure people understand their options, how much something costs. And if they decide to make a purchase, what do they expect, what are the expectations from the consumer?

Keep this statement in line the next time you are lying on the ground with chest pains or have just broken your arm, or have just suffered multiple head trauma from a head-on car collision. In these moments, how happy would we be if we had to sit back and ask, "Gosh...I wonder how much it costs to have quadruple bypass surgery? Can I get a better deal if I go to County Hospital instead of St. Judes? I wonder if they have a price list on their websi--" And of course, the sentence ends because...you've died!

But despite the obvious comedic quality of his proposal, President Bush keeps on pushing a 'Used Car' approach to healthcare.

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Frameshop: Bush's 'Our Job' Frame

In his latest Press Conference, President Bush used the phrases 'our job' or 'the job' 15 times in just under an hour. At one point, it seemed the main objective of the Press Conference was for Bush to repeat this word:

bushLeaving before the job would be done would send a message that America really is no longer engaged, nor cares about the form of governments in the Middle East. Leaving before the job was done would send a signal to our troops that the sacrifices they made were not worth it. Leaving before the job is done would be a disaster, and that's what we're saying.

The logic that frames Iraq as a 'job' that we can finish has subsequently been repeated thousands of times by Rebublicans and the media.

What is the logic of this frame and what can Progressives say to reframe the issue?

President Bush's talking point once again tries to take control of the 'time frame,' and to maintain control of the debate, Progressives should talk about results, responsibility, consequences.

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August 22, 2006

Frameshop: 'Macaca' Tanking Allen

The results of a newly released SurveyUSA poll show George Allen's lead over Jim Webb virtually eliminated after the 'macaca' incident.

In the new poll, Allen's lead dropped from 19 to 3 percentage points. Webb now trails 45% to Allen's 48%. In survey terms, that means the 'macaca' incident was the equivalent of George Allen climbing into his driving and driving off a cliff.

But the really interesting story is inside the poll itself.

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August 21, 2006

Frameshop: Showdown at the CT Corral

Breaking news out of Connecticut:

A day after U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman declared himself a "devoted Democrat" on national TV, peace activists in his hometown of New Haven asked the local registrar of voters (Sharon Ferrucci, pictured) Monday afternoon to strip him of his party affiliation because of his third-party reelection bid against party-endorsed Ned Lamont.

Remarkably--Joe Lieberman is still a Democrat in good standing even though he has refused to accept the election results of the Democratic primary in his own state, and already spent considerable time and money undermining--attacking, even--the Democratic candidate for Senator and all the Democrats who support him.

Now, voters in New Haven take the matter into their own hands and speak out.

I wonder how long the leaders of the Democratic party in the U.S. senate will stand by while a handfull of voters in New Haven carry the entire weight of defending the Democratic party?


What the heck: By the end of this week, a small group of Democrats both in and out of the Senate will call for Lieberman to leave the race in Connecticut or leave the party--setting in motion a September showdown for party leadership.

(A lone tumble weed rolls across a deserted street...)

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