GEORGE ALLEN'S WHITE SUPREMACIST WORD: 'Macaca' is a racist term used by American white supremacists. News breaking out of Virginia is that Senator George Allen called a person a 'macaca' while on the campaign trail. The person was dark skinned...

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Jeffrey Feldman, Editor-in-Chief
Frameshop, 08/14/2006

GEORGE ALLEN'S WHITE SUPREMACIST WORD: 'Macaca' is a racist term used by American white supremacists.

News breaking out of Virginia is that Senator George Allen called a person a 'macaca' while on the campaign trail.  The person was dark skinned and, as it happens, working for Jim Webb's campaign.

There has been some question as to what this word 'macaca' means, so I took some time to fire off some searches on Google.

In the remainder of this post I will list key findings under headings of the search terms plugged into google.

'Macaca' or 'macaque' is a nasty racial epithet alright.  It is often used by American white supremacists to describe black people.  In Belgium, it is a racial slur for 'dirty arab.'   Could this be George Allen's Mel Gibson moment?

WARNING:  This findings in this post contain language that many readers may find offensive.

What I hope to show in these results are instances where the word 'macaca' or 'macaque' are being used as an offensive racial slur on par with other more familiar racial slurs.  This research is intended to clarify what exactly happened in the outburst by George Allen using sources commonly available to anyone with a computer.

Google Search: nigger+macaque

Source:  Vanguard News Network Forum
Quote: "I watched the press conference they had when they caught the rampaging macaque. Niggy the Pinhead here put on a hilarious performance: "I's only bin shairf fo' a few munts..." it mumbled over & over, desperate to pass dat ol' buck. "I's bin foccusin' on securetee in de jail, but now I be foccussin' on de coathouse, know whum sayin'?"

It's all part of the forced-at-fed-gunpoint jewfarce of pretending that niggers have any bidness leading anything more complex than tribal grub-hunting expeditions."

Farther down in the same thread, another reader quoted the section with 'macaque,' made it bold face and replied as follows:

Source:  Vanguard News Network Forum
Quote: "I watched the press conference they had when they caught the rampaging macaque. ...goddamn rapin, lootin', murderin', rampaging niggers, goddamn them all...

Soure: ACDC Forum
Quote: "Well, I have the same opinion too ... but sometimes we're referring to a "human-race" and so I was a bit surprised that in the US they don't call a nigger a nigger. Here in our dictionary dutch translation : neger = black citizen originating from africa ... And here there's nothing wrong with that word. Here the "niggers" call themselves "niggers" too .... so, I don't know why in the US this word is so negative ... maybe because of people there where using this word more in a way of insults towards black people. I think that black people where much more discriminated in the US than here (slavery, etc...). Every continent has it's own history ... Another example : here in Belgium when you want to insult an arab .... you would never say "arab" ... but use the words "macaque" or "bougnoul". I don't want to teach you guys how to insult an arab or motivate you to insult them ... I just want to say we use a "nickname" instead of using the name of the race. But of course if you would call them a "dirty arab" ... this is offending too.

Source:  Stormfront White Pride World Wide
Quote: "I agree with you Gabor, "our" players sure don't look like they had Celts or Francs for ancestors.  Football in France isn't sport it's politics, what the French avatar of ZOG wants is for us to admire niggers and sand niggers like Zidane so that we get used to being around untermenschen and accept the presence on our soil of the millions of "chance pour la France" that plague our lives. Didn't work this time though, une France macaque-bougnoule-blancgnoule pas question, jamais...Victory through superior intelligence!

Google Search: "racial slur"+macaque

Source:  Vanguard News Network - Reader Letters
Quote: "What it's like in France these days...I see it's the same in America as in Europe. Here in France we got those niggers and arabs (quite the same thing as your coons, but muslims !!!) saying their hate of everything White. They own a lot of suburbs where the police cannot go anymore, white families are forced to flee or see their kids molested, racketted, their young daughters gang-raped in a basement. The liberals in the gov't and medias just pretend it's "far-right lies", that the bougnoules (an offensive name for the arabs here) are victims of our racism (though of course they get every welfare aid that exists), marxist judges let em roam free. Islam is conquering the country fast, now there are muslim meals in the schools, and in some places white children have to learn arab at school ! Rappers are the same as yours, proclaiming they will conquer everything, fuck the country, kill the whites, fuck every white woman they see. Ordinary citizens aren't allowed to own a gun and defend themselves. This week a white father was jailed because he shot the arab raper of his 12 year old daughter. Of course now, if an arab does the same, he'll be let free because his fellows boucaques (contraction of bougnoule and macaque) would threaten to burn everything. Police station are attacked and even burnt every week, ethnic arab gangs own rocket-launchers and kalashnikovs.

Google Search: "Original Dissent"+macaque

Source: Original Dissent
Quote: "FYI - friends of mine who are cops told me years ago that [Rodney] King is "red-flagged" in the system, meaning that if/when he is pulled over, sergeants (superior officers) are to be called to the scene immdiately, or he is to be let go if possilble. All to avoid the appearance of Sir Rodney being picked on. Don't want another riot you know.  And the macaque has taken full advantage of this privilege."

Source: Original Dissent
Quote:"Bryant lacked the all-important street credibility, they said, and although the defining characteristics of "street cred" remain unclear, some said Bryant didn't match up to the appeal of Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady. Lying coward. We all know the only way to gain "street cred" with nigra gutter scum is to be just like them. That's why that ugly cornrowed thug Iverson has it while the well-tailored macaque-about-town Kobe doesn't. Keep it real, yo."

The term 'macaque'--also pronounced 'mukakkah'--is a commonly used racial slur on par with the word 'nigger' in the united states. 

In Europe, the word 'macaque' is largely a racial slur used to insult people of North African descent.  It is roughly synonomous with 'dirty arab.'

Most of the results that came back in these searches took me to well known white supremacy websites--and to posts from the past two or three years.   So this is a phrase that is still in use.

Also returned where hundreds of 'ethnic slur' dictionaries online, all of which list this term as a 'Belgian' racial slur. 

© 2006 Jeffrey Feldman, FRAMESHOP

More on George Allen's racism: Frameshop: George Allen's Portrait of Political Klanbitions

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© Jeffrey Feldman 2006, Frameshop

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