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December 16, 2006

Frameshop: My Book!!

bookPop the champagne corks! The first Frameshop book is on the way!

Framing the Debate is on the way--pre-order it now online. (click here to details)

I am pleased to announce the upcoming arrival of my first book:

Famous Presidential Speeches and How Progressives Can Use Them to Change the Conversation (And Win Elections).


I will say more about my book in the days, months and weeks ahead, but feel free to head on over to for a quick synopsis.

While many books by bloggers take material from their sites and paste into print format, Framing the Debate is all new material, including an introductory essay by George Lakoff.

Pre-Order, Today!
Framing the Debate will ship in April 2007, but you can pre-order it now online.

Pre-ordering is a great way to help get the word out about the book--so don't be shy. Whether you're new to Frameshop or you've been a reader from the start, Framing the Debate is a great read full of framing, history, progressive strategy, and more.
Framing the Debate: The World Tour
Currently, we are pulling together the stops for the book tour to begin in April. If you would like to see me do a book reading/signing event in your area, please contact me through the site. The more eyes and ears we have on the ground, the more successful the tour will be.

So stay tuned and thanks for all your feedback these past few years. Framing the Debate is new material, but it is written with old friends in mind.

© 2005 Jeffrey Feldman, Frameshop

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Wow!! I get to be the first to congratulate you.
I'll look forward to reading it.

Good job. I also look forward to reading it.


I want the first review copy!


Hi, Lizah!


Congratulations, Jeffrey! I just pre-ordered 5 copies.

I enjoyed chatting with you when I was in New York. Thanks again for the egg cream.

Happy New Year!

So it's true, then? Write a book and win the babes?

Thanks, Susan! Keep framing those egg creams...

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