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November 16, 2008

Can We Stop Pretending California is 'Green,' Now?

With half the state yet again in flames, I find myself of two minds with respect to the residents of California. On the one hand, my heart aches or this latest crop of Californians to lose their homes in this month's out-of-control brush fires.  On the other  hand, it amazes me that, despite seeing these same fires every few months, so many Americans continue to cling to the fantasy that California is a 'green' state. 

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August 14, 2008

Frameshop: 'Sustainability' As Green Civics

In the discussion I began a few days ago, I made reference to the idea of "green civics."  In this post, I take a few minutes to explain what I mean by that term by walking us through an project in development at the Omega Institute up in Rhinebeck, NY. 

I visited the Omega Institute last week to take a look around and to learn more about they are calling a 'living building,' a structure purpose-built to house a newly minted Center for Sustainable Living. 

Here's a description of the building as listed on their architect's website (a bit long, but well worth reading):

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