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October 30, 2005

Frameshop: A Short List of Big Ideas

After listening to Patrick Fitzgerald's press conference on Friday afternoon, many Americans are thinking the same two thoughts.

President Bush and his White house have so completely squandered the public trust, that the time has come for Americans to talk about the qualities we demand in our leaders.

When was the last time you turned to someone--anyone--and said, "These are the qualities I expect from our nation's leaders," and then told them?  Not lately?  Me either.

Start with a short list of big ideas.

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July 21, 2005

Frameshop: My Left Wing

Maryscott O'Connor, the most passionate progressive blogger around, has just launched a new site called My Left Wing.  It's well worth checking out.  Maryscott is famous for pairing no-holds-barred commentary with signature animations (see above).

Most of the writers you see over there are well known to readers of Frameshop and the DailyKos. But the community will grow fast.  I plan to make it part of my daily routine.

Congratulations on your launch, Maryscott!

March 28, 2005

ShopTalk: Asleep in the Sand


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February 21, 2005

ShopTalk: Voter Registration

ink on fingerQUESTION -  Does the phrase 'voter registration' help or hinder current efforts by the Democratic Party?

ANALYSIS - Voter equality is a core value that The Bill of Rights guarantees and Democrats champion.  At the time of the Voting Rights Act (1965), 'voter registration' was a rallying cry of grassroots organizers, an urgent need of the American public, and a key to Democratic Party electoral success.  While voter equality is still an urgent need, the phrase 'voter registration' is no longer the best Democratic Party message to serve that need.  The issue of 'voting' and 'voters' has been muddied by two successive election losses and the Iraq War.   As a result, 'voting' now evokes questions of 'fraud' and 'intimidation' in the the so-called swing states, and 'voting' brings to mind images of Iraqis with ink-stained fingers and regime change in the Middle East.  Neither of these issues advance Democratic Party efforts.  Moreover, the urgent issue for Democrats in '04 was not 'voter registration,' but 'voter motivation.'

RECOMMENDATION - Democrats could be more effective if they switch their approach to voting from 'registration' ("Is a voter's name on the Democratic list?") to 'inspiration' ("Have Democratic ideas inspired a voter to stand with us?"). 

Frameshop is open...

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February 10, 2005

ShopTalk: DeaNC

fishQUESTION -  Can the heart of the party be the head of the party?

ATTENTION - Barring unforeseen disaster, Howard Dean will be elected Chair of the Democratic National Committee on Saturday (Feb. 12, 2005).  What can we expect?  For starters, expect a full-out media campaign against Dean from the RNC.  If the RNC was ignoring the Dean candidacy, that would be reason to worry.  The fact that they have already begun to attack him means only one thing:  Dean makes them nervous.  But what is it exactly about Dean that makes the RNC so jumpy?   In a word:  heart. 

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ShopTalk: Watergate 2.0

huntQUESTION - What would the Watergate scandal look like if it happened in the year 2005? Hypothetically, what might be the goal of such a scandal? If it existed, would there be a group like the "plumbers" who orchestrated the break in at the DNC headquarters? If such a scandal happened, what might be the "crime" that brought the story to light?

ATTENTION - It has come to light that a reporter known for asking President Bush easy questions at White House briefings was a hired actor using a fake name and fake credentials. This "reporter" who was employed by a little known media company called "Talon News" has since quit. While many details in this scandal remain a mystery, it suggests that someone with access to the White House hired "James Guckert" (aka: "Jeff Gannon from Talon News") as part of a larger scheme to defraud the public.

SHOPTALK - Today, Frameshop starts a new column of Op-Ed pieces called "ShopTalk." Each piece in this column will begin with a question, followed by insights and opinions about current events in the tradition of Frameshop.

Frameshop is open...

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