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New Site Design!

As of October 12, 2011, the url "" will no longer link to the Typepad version for Frameshop, but will link to an upgraded version of the site at The new Wordpress format was chosen to better serve the...

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New Focus: Occupy Wall Street

Editor of Frameshop launches series of posts to broaden discussion of Occupy Wall Street movement

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Oh, The Vision Thing

Despite turning in a strong rhetorical performance in his State of the Union Address, President Obama must articualate a clear governing vision if he wants to lead the country out its political stalemate.

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To Succeed, Obama Must Make "Change" Feel Real

Once a symbol of "change," President Obama must now effect visceral change in the lives of working people or risk political failure.

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Swing for the Fences, Mr. President!

Obama's State of the Union must present him as a bold leader.

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The Lesson of the Lunch-Bucket Democrats

To Save Democratic Party, Obama must Reclaim Core Economic Symbols

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More Troops to Afghanistan, Yes or No?

To answer the big question about U.S. policy in Afghanistan, voters first need to get up to speed on the core questions defining our role in the region.

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United by Change, Divided by Reform

The growing rift between Obama and his base is a political time bomb he must face.

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The Health Care Ghetto

Caution: Health Insurance May Be Hazardous To Your Health

The Outrage Pandemic

What's So "Public" About the Public Option?

The Health Care Clip Every American Should Watch: "We Need Help!"

Obama Calls "Public Option" Source of "Confusion" in Reform Debate

"Public Option" R.I.P.?

Fists Pounding on Glass, Right-Wing Violence Stops Tampa Town Hall

What the Taitz Tantrum says about Political Media

Anodyne Town Halls are the Problem, Not Teabaggers

Segregation & Friends

On Healthcare, Obama Needs More Drama

Sotomayor Post-Game: GOP Must Get Real or Get Dead (at the Polls)

The Post-Mortem Politics of Sarah Palin

Making Sense of the Pitney-Millbank Spat

Congress Needs To Wake Up On Healthcare

When Politics Turns from Talk to Killing

DC Holocaust Museum Shooting

The Holocaust And The Road To Peace

The Politics of "Murder"

The Judge Who Saved Baseball

George W. Bush "Kept Us Safe"?

GOP Grotesque, Gingrich Style

The Hedge Fund Smack Down in the Chrysler Bankruptcy

The American Dream and Obama's First 100 Days

Old Man Cheney

Conspiracy Theory Conservatives

Fear and Anger in Michigan

AIG Counter-Party Payments Worse than Bonuses

Tent Slums Springing Up in America

Glenn Beck Recycles X-Files Plot to Spread Fear of Obama

Calling Jon Stewart: Get Savage!

Does Geithner Get What's Framing the Debate?

Obama's 'Good Deal'

Limbaugh Revives Bush-Era 'Good vs. Evil' Rhetoric

"Tea Party Movement" Planned Months Ago by GOP Billionaires?

Tea Party Republicans

The One Word Obama Now Owns More Than Any Other

Which Economic Indicator Will Obama Watch?

On The Joy Of Not Cringing At Our President

Is American Car Patriotism Dead?

How Obama Frames 'Success'

GOP Dogma Clouds Recovery Act Debate

The Voice Of American Pragmatism

Our Site Gets A Major Upgrade!

Obama's Inauguration, The Gift and The Speech

The House That 'Mission Accomplished' Built

Obama Camp 'Prepared To Talk To Hamas' (Guardian)

Prop 8 Inquisitors "Command" Court To "Bow"

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